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You know, mate
Короче, нашел я тест по Хоббиту. "Который вы гном", толи основанный на дихотомиях юнга, толи на чем-то похожем. Но да ладно, прошел его и получил Фили. Ну сначала просто польстился, а потом ко мне пришла забавная мысль...

Подкинул тестик Джокеру и вы не поверите

11.01.2013 в 00:37
Пишет Джокер в колоде:

это уже совсем несмешно
хотя мы поржали, но это несмешно

да и не дуализация это

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Your result for Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?...


56% Extroversion, 50% Intuition, 47% Attachment and 22% Organisation!

Congratulations, you are most like KILI, younger brother to Fili and nephew to Thorin Oakenshield, and a member of the royal line of Durin. Young and physically able, Kili’s enthusiasm for adventure leads him on the Quest. An energetic thrill-seeker, you are very sociable and have many friends, and are often the life of the party. You have a natural athletic capability and are highly co-ordinated, therefore able to learn new skills with ease. You love putting your talents to the test in risky or potentially dangerous activities, and are at your best when responding to emergencies. Your ability to adapt quickly allows you to navigate such challenges and come up with practical solutions. You prefer to live in the moment; long term goals are of less interest to you than achieving something tangible in the present.

In social situations you are direct and expressive; people know exactly where you stand. You are gifted at earning others’ confidence with your dramatic and debonair nature. You have a keen sense of humour and are able to adjust your act to keep your audience entertained. You have a knack for knowing where the fun is at; indulging yourself and others in the finer and more exciting things life has to offer. Although you are typically a very sociable individual, you can sometimes be cavalier about the emotions of others, preferring to keep things light and fun when perhaps others feel the need for a more serious and sensitive situation.

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Your result for Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?...


53% Extroversion, 63% Intuition, 50% Attachment and 25% Organisation!

Congratulations, you are most like FILI, elder brother to Kili and nephew to Thorin Oakenshield, and a member of the royal line of Durin. Fili and his brother set out with little idea of what lay ahead of them, hungering for adventure. You tend to get easily bored by repetitive and mundane tasks and are therefore eager to seek out new experiences. A strong individualistic streak implores you to experience significant events and meet new people yourself, rather than living through the recounts of others. Personal freedom and the ability to follow where-ever inspiration leads is of great importance to you. You have a contagious enthusiasm about the causes you invest yourself in, which are usually orientated around enhancement of good for humanity, or advancement of humanitarian and social issues.

You are cheerful, energetic, and outgoing. When sharing your views you become very animated and use your wit, humour and skilled mastery of language to communicate effectively and win over your peers. You have good people skills with an adept intuition of other people’s emotions, able to read what’s hidden and see significance in their actions. These qualities are attractive to others and they enjoy being in your company. Imaginative and original, you love focusing on new ideas and new potentials, and have a wide range in interests. The pursuit of happiness is of high priority to you, for both yourself and others.

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Скозать короче, это МНОГОЕ объясняет))
И нам кажется нужны новые парные авочки >)

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